Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The Zoning Board hearing occurred last night.  Your emails, letters and phone calls to City Council members, politicians, Planning Commission members and Zoning Board members set a good stage for the final outcome.  We wish to extend a special thanks to all those who attended the Zoning Board meeting.  We know it was a hardship for many of you.

 It appears that CVS has purchased additional property on Norwood Avenue; therefore, they only needed one (1) variance:  SIGNAGE! After several hours, CVS representatives could see that the Zoning Board members were not looking favorably on their signage package.  After a short recess around 10:30 PM they came back with a new dramatically reduced signage proposal.  CVS proposed a compromise bringing the total signage from 572 sq. ft. to 316 sq. ft. which is in alignment with the variance allowed to Walgreens.  The Zoning Board voted and approved this revised package.

 In the past five months we accomplished the following:

  • A withdrawal to operate the store for 24-hours
  • A redesign of the style of the building to reflect a more New England “colonial” look
  • A SIGNIFICANT reduction in signage, including the elimination of an electronic message board
  • Enhanced landscaping, including buffers to adjacent residential property
  • Installation of “period lighting” and a reduction in the height of parking lot light poles from 30+ feet to 20 feet
  • An increase in the number of decorative windows on the building
  • Lighted walkway access to the property
  • Preserving the current width of the adjacent sidewalks maintaining the “boulevard effect”
  • Installation of a bike rack
  • Agreement not to use the liquor license
  • CVS will expend additional funds to the City of Cranston in order to improve the traffic flow at this busy intersection
On another page is the depiction of the agreed signage changes.

Thanks again to all!! 

Your Edgewood Friends